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Driven . Inspired . Smart.

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Driven . Inspired . Smart.

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looking for exclusive Sewing Machine?

Vidya Sewing Machines is one of the best choice to make your work done in a smart and quick way. which also helps to grow your skills and business.



Vidya Sewing Machines is developed for inspiring Tailoring and represent there creativity to next level. our machines helps you reach your goals.


Plan your style with the designers & tailors to create the Clothing you wish too.

Plan & Design

Step by step work helps you create your fashion with our machines.


Our machines helps to work quick and well designed to show your production in clothing.


Get your expected output with our machines using the evalution guidence.


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Why us?

Why Choose us?

vidya Sewing Machines is good for stitching and its machines are designed for quick working progress.

Customer Care

Vidya machines team is always ready to guide you at anytime of the day, for your problems and give you best suggestions on sewing machine.

Friendly design

Fitted with five vital forged steel components for better durability(Connecting Rod, Feed Fork, Feed Dog holder, Oscillating Rock Shaft & Needle bar link).

Precision Engineering

Vidya machines Protects against water, splashes , Dust. Designed and engineer for simplified and easy to use devices transaction.

Power Management

Vidya machines improves the battery life time of your devices while minimizing tread interference, optimize energy consumption and previous purchases.

Crafted with shine

Open type shuttle race for easy maintenance.

Multiple Tasking machines

Vidya Sewing machines gate way can handel multiple Functions ensuring multiple mechines nodes ensuring it is able to support large and active customer.

Classic Model

get all your Functions stored and analize for developing your material and prepare structure designs for them with vidya sewing machines.

All Functions

Vidya Sewing machines Functions and periodically sent to the machine it enables connectivity real time analytics processing with new technology.

The prime necessities for success in life are money, athleticism, tailor made clothes and a charming smile, which is possible with Vidya Sewing Machines.

Sriman Tailors
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

So, after graduating, I needed to learn a trade and started to work as a designer, thanks to Vidya Sewing Machines for making my dream real.

Reliance Tailors
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

I travel a lot, and I hunt for fabrics, then I have the tailor make me something special, thanks to Vidya Sewing Machines.

Elegant Tailors
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Fashion design is a form of art dedicated to the creation of clothing and other lifestyle accessories. vidya sewing machines helps to reach our goals.

lshika Designer
★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Variants of Stitching

Our machines are designed according to your needs of tailoring.

Automatic Zig Zag

Automatic needle threading Free arm for ease of circular stitching Twenty three built-in-stitches including button hole stitch Fourteen applications including stretch stitching, button fixing, rolled hemming, blind stitch hemming, zip fixing Twin needle facility for enhanced designing options

Sewing Craft

Remote Computer screen is an additional attachment provided with the machine for operating the machine. RCS has a touch screen and makes it friendly for the customer to operate the machine.

Industry Machine

Stitches fine fabrics, heavy clothes and woollens Vidya branded full rotary shuttle 1800 stitches per minute (SPM) Fitted with a knee lifter for easy operation and time saving Two drive systems: Manual using foot treadle on stand/ table and Motorized ISI marked Available with stand and table

Straight stitch

Lever type stitch regulator with forward and reverse stitching mechanism Auto tripping bobbin winder for uniform winding of bobbin for perfect stitch formation Screw type Pressure adjustment for controlling needle bar pressure Closed type shuttle race Available with other Foot variants like X stand and sheet metal stand Available with other Hand variants like Economy plastic base cover & Standard plastic base cover Option to operate with Motor


Great Features

our Vidya Sewing Machines features are designed to make your tailoring work easy and accessible.

Lever Type Stitch Regulator

Lever type stitch regulator for easy forward & reverse stitch control.

Auto Winder

Auto tripping spring loaded bobbin winder for uniform winding of bobbin that helps in perfect stitch formation.

Thread Cutter in Presser Bar

Fabric selector Knob for adjusting Feed dog to facilitate stitching finer clothes and doing Embroidery.

Foot basic

Available with other Foot variants like X stand and sheet metal stand.

Motor Compatability

Option to operate with motor.


Available with other hand variants like Economy plastic base cover & Standard plastic base cover


Hinged type needle plate for easy insertion of bobbin & bobbin case.


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